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Funday Korea Networks / Videographer(Artist) / Evghenii Godunov


Funday Korea Networks / Videographer(Artist) / Evghenii Godunov

Job Manager

Today’s guest is Evghenii Godunov, a freelancer in videography.
Learn about his experience of getting a job at a Korean company! 
Check out this video to learn tips on getting employed!


"Being a freelancer in videography my main preparation consists in building up a strong portfolio which will represent myself to a client or a company. Besides that I always try to research about the company I am applying to as much as I can to see how I could fit their requirements better. Besides that a strong resume stating your professional skills is also important, take your time and develop yours with a very serious and professional approach."


Interview points

Point 1. 
South Korea is an amazing technological, economic and cultural hub. It offers lots of opportunities for foreign workers.

Point 2. 
You could enroll in a company as an intern or a freelancer, do your job at the maximum of your abilities and with passion, then start the negotiations about a full-time contract with the management.

Point 3. 
Stay open minded and be ready to accept some of the cultural differences you will definitely experience here.

Interview questions
Question 1 Please introduce yourself. (0:34)
Question 2  What kind of work are you doing right now? (0:55)
Question 3 What is your major? (1:18)
Question 4 Why don't you do your major as a job? (1:36)
Question 5 What's your criteria when choosing a company to work with? (2:15)
Question 6 Any particular reason to work in Korea? (2:52)
Question 7 Did you feel worried to work abroad? (3:28)
Question 8 Pros and cons of working in Korea? (3:55)
Question 9 Any advice about living in Korea? (6:02)
Question 10 Any difficult moments when prparing for a job? (7:00)
Question 11 Is Korean language skill important? (7:57)
Question 12 What's your dream? (8:59)
Question 13 Words of encouragement (9:52)

Introduction of Evghenii Godunov
Evghenii Godunov is currently freelancing in the video production field. He is also an artist specializing in audio visual art installations.
Originally, he is from the Republic of Moldova but for the last 11 years he has mostly lived abroad. After graduating from his high school in Moldova he enrolled in a bachelor's degree program in Romania, majoring in two different fields, economics and environmental science. In the last year of his bachelor's degree, a one-year exchange program in Porto, Portugal. Right before finishing his degree in Romania, he visited South Korea, back in 2012. "I really enjoyed that experience and returned to Europe with a decision to apply for a graduate school in South Korea, which eventually happened in 2014". During his graduate studies here in Korea, his work was in the field of molecular microbiology. 



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