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Funday Korea Networks / Creative Coordinator / Alina Koreneva


Funday Korea Networks / Creative Coordinator / Alina Koreneva

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Today’s guest is Alina Koreneva, a Creative Coordinator at Funday Korea Networks.
Does every Korean company have those corporate dinners with the rivers of alcohol you're required to drink?
Check out the interview video to see what it's REALLY like to work in a Korean company!

“I was expecting the worst. You know all those scary stories they tell you about Korean companies...”

Interview points

Point 1. 
Be active. You definitely have to put some time and effort into making connections.

Point 2. 
Do some extra research about Korean work culture and prepare for the worst.

Point 3. 
Know your rights. Not knowing your rights makes you vulnerable and easy to take advantage of.

Interview questions
Question 1 Please introduce yourself. (0:38)
Question 2 Do you think it is necessary to build your career in accordance with your major? (1:04)
Question 3 What was the most difficult for you while preparing for a job? (1:49)
Question 4 Anything different from what you have expected this job to be? (2:19)
Question 5 What does your usual work day look like? (3:09)
Question 6 What qualities does one need to work in your company or field? (3:52)
Question 7 Any tips for finding a job in Korea (5:01)
Question 8 Please can you say some words for those who are currently looking for a job in Korea? (6:26) 

Introduction of Alina
Alina Koreneva is from Russia. She is currently working as a Creative Coordinator at Funday Korea Networks.
When entering the company, she had been preparing for the worst.
"The youngest worker has to serve everyone! No one is taking your opinion into account! Corporate dinners every week until the night with rivers of alcohol!"
Are those scary stories all true? Let's have a look at what it's like in a real Korean company's daily life.



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