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All about Q-Net: the Korean qualification examination information system


All about Q-Net: the Korean qualification examination information system

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How can you acquire the most favored certificates by Korean companies?

In last week’s ‘Job Free Pass’, we had a look at certificates preferred by Korean companies, today we’re going to learn how to use Q-Net, a website you’ll definitely visit at least once when taking qualification tests!

Contents: What is Q-Net?

  1. Qualification for application
  2. Qualification levels of national technologies
  3. Qualification for foreigners
  4. Application qualification document submission for foreign qualifications and educational background (experience) qualifications
  5. Taking a test
  6. Heated interest from foreign applicants

What is Q-Net? 
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Q-Net is an ambitious qualification examination information system launched by HRD-Korea in May 2001.
Q-Net is a premier qualification management/operation system providing better opportunities and career advancement in the knowledge and information-based society of the 21st century.
It was deployed in order to provide the people of Korea with quick and easy access to information regarding vocational qualifications and to provide test applicants a convenient portal for qualification services.

How to use Q-Net
Join as member> Apply > Select qualification > Select item > Select exam type > Input additional information > Select location > Payment > Registration complete

1. Qualification for application
Check whether you qualify to apply before the test through the self-assessment below
Self-assessment (Sign-up required) (click)

Process: Select qualification > Input educational background information > Input work experience > Input awards and skills > Get assessment results

2. Qualification levels of national technologies
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Craftsman < Industrial Engineer < Engineer < Master Craftsman < Professional Engineer (From lower < to higher level)

Qualification criteria:

  • Craftsman: Able to perform tasks in production, manufacturing, handling, operation, repair, maintenance, extraction, and inspection as well as project management and matters related to project management in the relevant national technology
  • Industrial Engineer: Able to perform tasks with basic technology and functional tasks based on basic technical knowledge and skills in the relevant national technology
  • Engineer: Able to perform tasks involving technical skills such as design, construction, and analysis based on engineering knowledge in the relevant national technology
  • Master Craftsman: Able to perform tasks related to work management at industrial sites, teaching and supervising skilled workers, on-site training, and field supervision linking managers and skilled workers in an organic manner with the highest level of proficiency in the relevant national technology
  • Professional Engineer: Able to perform tasks related to planning, research, design, analysis, inspection, test, construction, supervision, assessment, project management, and technology management based on advanced professional knowledge and practical experience in the relevant national technology

3. Qualification for foreigners
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Qualification of applicants according to mutual recognition of qualifications between countries
Order Country Scope of recognition Date of agreement Similar job fields
Korean qualification Foreign qualification
1 Japan Information Processing Engineer
Applied Information Technology Engineer
January 2011 IPA
(Information Technology/Promotion Agency)
Information Processing Industrial Engineer
Information Technology Engineer (기본정보기술자)
2 China Information Processing Engineer
Software development Engineer (소프트웨어설계기사) January 2006 China Education Center of Electronic Information Application
중국 정보사업부
Information Processing Industrial Engineer
Programmer (프로그래머)
3 Vietnam Information Processing Engineer
Software design and development Engineer
August 2008 VITEC
(Vietnam Training and Examination Center)
Information Processing Industrial Engineer
Fundamental information technology engineer
4 Australia Professional Engineer level
→ Qualification to apply will be acknowledged to those who have acquired a technical qualification in the USA (Texas) and Australia in a Professional Engineer level of the same field
5 USA (Texas) March 2016 Texas Board of Professional Engineers

Application qualification document submission for foreign qualifications and educational background (experience) qualifications

How to apply for the practical test
  • Among applicants who wish to submit educational certificates and career certificates issued overseas as part of documents for application qualification of national qualification exams, those who are from a country participating in the Apostille Convention must have an Apostille issued by applying to an Apostille institution in their country, receive a translation notarization (having original documents notarized by a notary office or translated and certified by a foreign language translation administrator)in Korea, and submit it to a regional reception (implementation) of the Human resources Development Service of Korea (HRD-Korea).

  • The Apostille Convention has taken effect in Korea since July 14, 2007, official documents issued by foreign countries will be mutually recognized without the need to receive certification from our embassy (consulate). 
※ This applies to official documents (private documents can be issued in a separate way)

How to issue Apostille and submit documents (click)

Apostille process and content

Apostille (academic certification) process of major countries

5. Taking a test

Written test:
Preparation materials:
Test identification slip, ID card, writing supplies (black pen, etc.)
*Application qualification documents: Certificate of graduation, Certificate of career by HRD-Korea
Only those who have submitted application qualification documents and passed may apply for the practical test.
  • You can submit application qualification documents online from the day that applications open for the written exam until the second day of the practical test application.

Practical test:
Submit application qualification documents to the regional headquarters or branch offices of HRD-Korea. 

6. Heated interest from foreign applicants

We learned how to use Q-Net today.
We hope it helped you understand the complicated world of certificates in Korea!
Please look forward to next week’s ‘Job Free Pass’ as we’ve prepared useful content that will satisfy your curiosities.

🔥 Coming up next week!
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