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TOP3 most promising certificates


TOP3 most promising certificates

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What areas are coming into the spotlight for hiring foreigners?

Let’s take a step closer to successful employment through today’s ‘Job Free Pass’ where we’ll have a look at promising certificates!

1. Tour Guide

Considering tourism is an industry with a significant impact on the national economy, the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism has established and issues Tour Guide certificates, the only national certificate on interpretation, to guide foreign tourists in their domestic travels and introduce Korean culture.

Related tasks
The Tour Guide provides services in explaining tourist attractions or tourist destinations to foreigners traveling in Korea using a foreign language and guiding them on trips. 

Careers and Outlooks
Travel agencies, hotels, airlines, overseas travel industries, freelancers, trade companies, interpreters, etc. With the growth in  economic and social progress, advancement in transportation, as well as increased cultural exchange and leisure time, the tourism industry is a promising industry worldwide

2. 1st-grade social worker

The term refers to a person who supports and solves problems by diagnosing and evaluating issues using their expertise in social welfare and social science for people suffering from various social and personal problems including teenagers, the elderly, women, families, and the disabled. 

Related tasks
- Developing and operating social welfare programs
- Providing daily guidance to facility residents
- Counseling for people in need of social welfare

Relevant website: (click here)

3. International Medical Tour Coordinator

The comprehensive definition of Medical Tourism refers to tourism activities where visitors visit parts of the world to allow the patient to rest and refresh him/herself during treatment by experiencing the area’s tourist attractions, leisure, and culture simultaneously. Such tourism has been made possible through the liberalization of the choice of medical services and overseas travel and is conducted for the purpose of receiving medical benefits such as health care, treatment, and more.  

Related tasks
The task of an International Medical Tour Coordinator is to develop Korea’s global healthcare industry and improve its international competitiveness by providing detailed medical service, tourism support, medical tourism marketing that can support domestic and foreign medical institutions’ entrance into different countries, medical tourism counseling, risk management, and administrative tasks. 

Relevant website: (click here) 

Tour Guide, 1st-grade social worker, International Medical Tour Coordinator, today we’ve looked into promising certificates preferred by Korean companies. Preparing for qualification exams that are in line with your areas of interest will bring you another step closer to successful employment!
If not, how about seeking opportunities to combine your linguistic and cultural strengths in new fields apart from the certificates introduced through our ‘Certificates preferred by Korean companies’ series?
Please keep an eye out for next week’s ‘Job Free Pass’ where we’ve prepared useful content to solve all your questions.

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