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One-minute self-introduction in a job interview


One-minute self-introduction in a job interview

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Self-introductions in Korean Job Interviews
All about you! 
In one minute!? 
How can you make a good first impression with interviewers?
What is the most effective way to sell your strengths?

In today’s Job Free Pass, we will be introducing the most effective ways to show your strengths to interviewers.
Take a step closer to successful employment with today’s content.

The most important points during an interview are first impressions and concise self-introductions.
Since you have one minute to introduce yourself, you must communicate concisely and accurately.  Focus on clearly communicating your motivation, goals, and aspirations after joining the company rather than focusing on past activities or describing your personality. However, you must also avoid exaggerating or giving very short answers. Ending your sentences with more formal language by using ‘~니다(nida) rather than '~요(yo)' can help establish credibility. (However, for greetings, both "안녕하세요" and "안녕하십니까" are okay)

Introduce yourself in the order of “Greeting > basic information > motivation > goals and aspirations after joining the company.” You might receive questions based on specific details of your self-introduction. It is important to stay collected so that you don’t forget what you said in your introduction.

*Sample one-minute self-introduction *

1st- The Greeting 
Greet the interviewer politely with a confident voice to make a good first impression, try one of these:

a. After saying "안녕하세요(Hello)", give the interviewers a physical greeting like a short bow (but not too deeply!), or a polite head nod. 
b. Bow or nod slightly, and then say

2nd- Basic Information
Introduce yourself briefly, focusing on key information about yourself. Some interviewees start their introduction with a catchphrase that can show their vision or competency to make a strong impact. Take a look at these great examples:

a. (국가)에서 온 (이름) 입니다. (국가)에서 (학명)을/를 전공했고, 한국에서 (학명)을/를 전공하고 있습니다. (일자)에 졸업예정입니다
My name is (name) from (country). I majored in (major) in (country), and I am currently majoring (major) in Korea. My anticipated graduation date is (date)
b. 안녕하세요. 저는 (직무)분야에서 (강점/역량)을 무기로 (성과 목표)하는 (이름)입니다.
Hello. My name is (name) who uses (strength/competence) as a weapon to achieve (goal) in the field of (role).

3rd- Motivation
Show off your motivation by combining specific experiences you have gained directly and indirectly in your area of application.
Familiarize yourself with the company’s direction, business projects, and current projects based on the company’s website and by conducting research on the company, and promote yourself by mentioning the parts that are aligned with you.

a. 2018년 한국기업탐방 프로그램을 통해 다양한 엔터테인먼트를 방문했습니다. 한류의 글로벌 시장 대한 관심을 가지고 조사 및 연구하던 중, (A)엔터테인먼트의 비전과 아티스트를 통한 글로벌 비즈니스 확장에 큰 매력을 느끼게 되었습니다. 2021년 새롭게 추진하는 신규사업은 (A)엔터테인먼트와 함께할 수 있는 최고의 기회라고 생각하여 지원하였습니다.
In 2018, I visited several entertainment companies through a Korean company's tour program. While researching my interest in the global market for the Korean Wave, I was intrigued by the vision of (ABC) Entertainment and its global expansion through its artists. I applied because I thought the new project in 2021 would be my best opportunity to work with (ABC) Entertainment.

b. 저는 (직무 관련 경험)을 통해 (직무)분야에 관심을 갖기 시작했습니다. 저의 가장 큰 강점은 (강점/역량) 입니다. (기업)(프로젝트 / 직무분야) 에서 저의 (강점/역량)을 발휘한다면 큰 시너지를 낼 수 있다고 생각하여 지원하였습니다.
My interest in (role) started through (job-related experience). My biggest strength is (strength/competence). I applied because I thought could create great synergy by showing my (strength/competence) in (company)’s (project/role).

4th- Goals and Aspirations after joining the company 
Introduce your competencies in relation to the role and present a vision of how you can contribute to the company

a. (국가)의 엔터테인먼트 시장과 한류의 영향력 등을 조사 분석하여 신규사업의 기초를 만들고, 현지와의 밀접한 소통을 통해 사업의 현지화에 기여하고 싶습니다.
I would like to contribute to localizing the business by researching and analyzing the entertainment market of (country) and the effect of the Korean wave to establish a foundation for new business and closely communicate with the local market.
b. (자료) 분석을 기반으로 (직무) 전략을 수행하여 (기업)(비전)을 실현하는 (포지션)이 되겠습니다.
I will become a (position) that actualizes the (company’s) (vision) through strategic measures of (role) based on thorough analysis on (material).

5th- Closing
Finalize your self-introduction within one minute and get ready for questions.

a. 감사합니다. Thank you.
b. 들어주셔서 감사합니다. Thank you for listening.

We’ve learned how to introduce ourselves effectively in a job interview!
The important point to note when winning the hearts of HR Managers is to identify and promote how you can contribute to the company with your many competencies in just one minute!
Next week we’ll look into how to dress and look in interviews! 
Please stay tuned for next week’s Job Free Pass as we’ve prepared useful content to satisfy your curiosity!

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