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The A to Z of video interviews in the contact-free era


The A to Z of video interviews in the contact-free era

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The Facts

COVID-19 has completely changed our daily lives. As it gets harder to meet in-person, many companies are choosing to conduct remote video interviews during their employment process.  This means you have to prepare differently for these video interviews and be ready to overcome the unexpected social or technical issues that may arise as well. 

How should you prepare for these vastly different video interviews?  

In today’s Job Free Pass, we are going to learn which parts you should pay attention to when participating in video interviews and how to use Zoom. This will definitely be a different process from in-person interviews. 

Video interview preparation checklist
1.    Use your computer and not your phone

It is recommended that you use a stable computer or camera to prevent a shaky video screen, which can give the impression that you’ve prepared for the interview in a rush.  
2.    Test your equipment  in advance
Test your computer’s camera, speaker, microphone, connection, etc. in advance.  
    Check that your internet connection is stable and that the speed is consistent.  
    Adjust your camera so that the upper part of your body is visible on the screen.
    Adjust your speakers and microphone (Use headphones if you have poor sound quality or feedback issues.)

3.    Choose a good location
Choose the best location available with a bright and clear background with no noise around you. 
    Be cautious of any backlight which will cause your face to appear darker
    Avoid loud locations like cafes, coffeehouses, or areas with children
    Make sure your background is not chaotic or messy
    Pay attention to subconscious habits that may show up during the interviews. Things like nail-biting, fidgeting, or sitting strangely in your chair should be avoided.

4.    Check yourself
Make sure you are dressed according to the dress code, dress as if it were an in-person interview
    Dress in business formal attire
    Pay particular attention to your top

5.    Log in earlier than your interview time
Due to the nature of video calls, you need time to check for smooth communication. If you login right at the time of the interview, your actual scheduled interview time may be delayed by technical issues
    Log in earlier and stand-by 

6.    Familiarize yourself with the characteristics of video interviews 
Make sure you are familiar with characteristics of video interviews that are not relevant for in-person interviews and prepare accordingly.  
    Watch out for sound distortions
Unlike in-person interviews, if you speak over someone, your sound can be distorted, creating a buzzing sound.  
    Speak 2-3 seconds after your interviewer finishes his/her words
Overlapping with speech, delays, and other awkward moments can affect the interviewer's opinion of you even when it's unintentional.

How to use Zoom
1.    Use a laptop or desktop that has webcam features

2.    Join Zoom and activate your account: https://zoom.us/signup

3.    Join the Zoom meeting via the invitation email link (download Zoom if needed)

4.    Open Zoom meeting

5.    If you have Zoom downloaded already, you will automatically be connected to the meeting. Adjust your audio and video settings according to the situation 

Today, we’ve looked through some small elements of video interviews that are often overlooked. 
Why don’t we prepare for more video interviews as companies continue adjusting their ways to hire talents in a post-covid society?
Please stay tuned for next week's 'Job Free Pass’ as we’ve prepared more useful content to satisfy your curiosity!

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