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How can I make the best first impression with my resume photo?


How can I make the best first impression with my resume photo?

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Resume Photos and First Impressions
How can I make the best impression with just a photo?

Most Korean companies still require photos on resumes, so how can you present the best, most positive image with this single little photo that plays an important role in shaping their first impressions before you ever meet for interviews?

Let’s learn what images HR managers of Korean companies prefer and how to present the best image that meets their criteria!

The Photo
Although the number of companies conducting blind recruitments has increased recently, there still are more cases where resume photos are required. Photos play the most minor factor in employment decisions, but the level of importance may vary depending on the field. 

Resume photos are the first thing the HR manager sees when reviewing your application. Just like meeting face-to-face for the first time, the most important part of evaluating the photo on your resume is also the impression. Therefore, it is recommended that you pay close attention to the photos you attach to your resume. 

Facial expressions are very important. You should have a modest natural smile and avoid looking grumpy or frowning. HR managers most prefer applicants with an engaging and energetic image so be sure that you are looking at the camera. Having a sincere and likable image can also form a sense of trust. Wearing a plain-colored suit with a white background enables the viewer to focus on the applicant’s facial expression and impression. 

✽ Please avoid these! ✽

1. Avoid using old photos, screenshots from videos, and selfies.  
Neat and clean photos will demonstrate your preparedness and leave a good impression. 
However, if you must show your personality for modeling, art, fashion, it is recommended that you attach a separate portfolio instead of expressing it in your resume photo. 

2. Avoid excessive makeup, accessories, and ties in your resume photos.

You need a reliable and calm image for your true self to stand out. 

3. Don't alter your image too much with photoshop.
It is important to show a picture that represents your true, wonderful self as you are. Not to mention the possible confusion on the day of the face-to-face interview! 

Today we’ve looked into resume photos in Korea. 
Since many companies still require photos, it’s important that you prepare a photo that can build a sense of trust by presenting a confident image. 

Please keep an eye out for next week’s ‘Job Free Pass’ where we’ve prepared useful content to answer all your questions.

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