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How to sell your strengths in a job interview


How to sell your strengths in a job interview

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How to sell your strengths in a job interview

The first time a company meets an applicant face-to-face is the interview.
What's the best attitude and body language to present in order to leave a good impression with the company?

The interview is an important stage where the applicant’s personality, manners, and confidence are evaluated. You must prepare strategically to demonstrate your charm and competencies within a very limited time.
Today, we’ll discover how to do that!!

First of all, you need to present yourself in business attire that matches the company’s desired image, talent traits, and atmosphere to leave a clean-cut impression. Your first impression and attitude will help you receive a positive evaluation. Rather than giving short answers or even needlessly lengthy answers, convey your thoughts concisely with clear points. Preparing for questions about the company’s future direction and vision, and asking these questions confidently when you’re given the opportunity, can also earn you extra points. However, the most crucial step in starting to prepare for interviews is having a clear understanding of your own strengths and goals and a good understanding of the company you are applying to.

Do you know what's the most frequently asked question in interviews?
It’s "Tell us about yourself."

This is a difficult question to answer because it could encompass a wide range of topics, including your background, experience, competencies, strengths, and hobbies. There is no ‘right’ or ‘best’ answer for this question, but you should ask yourself, “Why is the interviewer asking this question?” or "What are they looking for?"

The company wants to evaluate the following criteria based on your answer.
1. Your values
2. How you could contribute to the company
3. Your tendencies (both in work and interpersonal relationships)
4. How persuasive you are with your speech and posture

Ok! Then what is the best way to prepare for an interview?
The best way is to tell your story through your experiences, strengths, personality, and background all of which relate to the company’s desired talent traits and to the position you applied for. Use 30 seconds ~ 1 minute to answer with your focus points rather than talking about any experience unrelated to the company. It’s important that you are honest when faced with a difficult question difficult and express yourself with confidence.

Lastly, body language! 
Body language is an important factor for a positive evaluation in interviews. Walk confidently into the room, while looking at the interviewer. Greet your interviewer(s) in ‘Korean style’, and sit down in an orderly position.

The ideal body language in interviews:
1. Sit down with your two hands resting on your knees. 
2. When pointing at something, point with more than one finger. Put your fingers together in a respectful manner. 
3. Make hand and gestures where you lightly clench your fists in the air as if you’re cheering or rallying
4. Have a bright smile good to show your confidence.
5. Nodding your head gently when the interviewer is asking you a question shows that you are carefully listening and focused.

Pointing at something with one finger, crossing your legs, stretching, waving ‘Hi’, and looking down may all come across as rude in Korea, so you must make sure you do not do any of these.

Today, we’ve looked into the ideal attitude and body language for Korean interviews. You’ll be able to hear good news if you keep these points in mind and attend the interview with confidence. If you prepare thoroughly by thinking about your unique strengths, and what the company is seeking, you’ll naturally be able to show your confidence!



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