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What is the decisive factor for landing a job?


What is the decisive factor for landing a job?

Job Manager

What qualifications does HR look for when deciding between potential applicants?

52% of HR managers chose work experience as the most important determinant for job applicants... But what if you are a new employee?

In comparison to more experienced, senior workers, there are many limitations to when a younger, inexperienced person might appeal their job competency. Nonetheless, HR managers responded that fresh applicants who had participated in an internship program were more appealing to them than those who had not.

Why is having work experience so important?

It is often said that there is little theory that works in practice. It is important to learn how my knowledge is reflected in company practice and how I can understand on-the-job work requirements through prior work experience.
From the company’s point of view, an inexperienced worker is synonymous with the time and effort having to be put into educating the employee of their task from start to finish.
There are several scenarios where a company considers it to be more of a burden to hire and train new employees compared to the potential benefits of distributing the workload among an expanded task force.

HR managers are more lenient when recruiting interns if the applicant has previous job experience because they assume the applicant will grasp the corporate atmosphere, the responsibilities assigned to the position, and how the company operates.
Many people consider ‘Internships’ to be the most conventional method of gaining work experience.
However, not everyone has the opportunity to be part of an internship program. On the contrary, did you know that internship opportunities are only given to about 10% of all job applicants?

In the end, many young applicants find themselves in a vicious cycle where they apply for an internship program in order to gain job experience but are turned down due to their lack of prior work experience.
Is the highly competitive ‘Internship’ the only way for applicants to gain work experience before finding a permanent position?

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