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Can I get a job without work experience?


Can I get a job without work experience?

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A lack of work experience.

This is the number one driving reason that 45% of all job seekers believe to be behind their job search failures and agreed on by 52% of HR managers to be the primary factor for their hiring decisions.
I'm sure that most fresh applicants looking for a job for the first time will agree. Even entry-level positions, ironically, require prior work experience so applicants are faced with a conundrum where they must have work experience in order to gain the experience required...
Let’s take a look at the story of an applicant who succeeded in landing a job with their own method!

About the interviewee:
OOO, a junior employee in the 1st year of their career

1. What was the most difficult part of finding a job and how were you able to overcome it?
The reality is that we live in a society where, even when applying for an entry-level position, companies expect that we have prior work experience in the field. The biggest obstacle for me was how to prove that I had the necessary competencies and skills required for the occupation without the prior experience to back me up. I was concerned with “How I was going to develop and build on-the-job experience and skills.” I was interested in working in HR but had no professional knowledge of the field. I hadn’t majored in business and didn’t have any experience studying on my own or participating in any relevant activities or extracurricular clubs, and all I could do was make use of my personal time when I was still working at the company. In the meanwhile, I found Comento and decided to take a 5-week Skill Up Camp through their website. I thought it would be a good opportunity to foster work-related traits that companies were always looking for and I really benefited from taking the course.

2. What were you able to learn from the Skill Up Camp program?
I think it was a great opportunity to gain information that you could only acquire on the job. Classes and assignments were based on actual company data and I was able to learn how to plan potential ideas and revise and supplement pre-existing ones.
80% of candidates applying for HR positions say that they applied because of ‘How they enjoy being with and communicating with other people." However, I was able to learn that liking people was not enough to work in HR. It was enjoyable for me to learn new skills that I previously never considered to be important. Before the program, I was under the impression that communication skills were a priority when working in HR and had no idea that there were many other social and professional competencies required as well. But, thanks to the Skill Up Camp, I was able to understand exactly what I needed to do.

3. How do you think the boot camp helped you prepare for your job?
During job interviews, most interviewers will actively ask about the programs I have participated in before. I think that being able to write down that you have had experience in personnel management and planning on your resume is enough to attract the interest and attention of the company. As a new recruit, it is also a good way to appeal just how invested I am in the position as well as how much effort I have personally been putting into preparation. I think it’s important to be attentive and invest yourself in the course so you have actual results that can improve your portfolio.

4. Would you recommend the boot camp program? If so, are there any specific reasons why?
I would if you know exactly what you want to do, but you if can’t find the opportunity, I guess you have to spend a little bit of money...๐Ÿ˜‚ On the other hand, if you don’t know what you are good at, or if you don’t know what jobs would suit you, I suggest taking a Skill Up Camp as means to learning and keywording your potential strengths. I think the effort and time put into taking these classes becomes your very own blood and flesh and will greatly benefit you. If you are invested and work hard using the Skill Up Camp program, you will be able to find a job in the field of your choice, just like I did.

For those of you who are concerned about such troubles, we introduce Comento's Professional Skill Up Camp!


- The opportunity to learn professional skills that can be recognized as job experience in Korea
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- 1-on-1 feedback from professional mentors
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(Statistics show that the number 1 reason for early resignation is a lack of compatibility with the position)

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