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COMENTO Professional Skill Up Camp Session Pass

Organized by ㈜코멘토 COMENTO

Course Description

There is no better way to gain an understanding of a profession than to experience it first-hand. COMENTO Professional Skill Up Camp is a 5-week experience-based where you can perform and receive 1:1 Feedback from active professionals with 3 to 7 years of experience in the field.

  • ₩ 200,000

    10 %

    ₩ 180,000

  • Korean

  • Online
  • 01 class (3 Zoom Live Sessions, 2 Written Feedback Sessions)


Curriculum varies depending on the Professional Skill Up Camp of your selection.

Class mode

1. Lecture on Job Essentials (Week 1)

2. On-the-job Virtual Task Simulation (Week 2~5)

3. 1:1 Feedback Session (Week 2~5)


1. 3 Online Zoom Live Sessions (2 H)

2. Provide 4 different on-the-job tasks and respective task instructions

3. 1:1 Feedback Feedback with active professionals

Refund Policy

Refunds will be made by deducting [class credits already used] from the remaining amount after deducting 10% of the penalty from [Actual Payment Amount]
*Actual payment amount: Net payment amount excluding points and discount coupons used at the time of payment


- The following Session Pass can be used for a mentor / professional Skill Up Camp of your choice among all COMENTO Skill Up Camp programs.

- After the purchase of the Session Pass, select your desired Professional Skill Up Camp program through the COMENTO website (Apply coupon discount and enter coupon code at the time of payment).

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